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Frequently asked questions

Tilawat Competition

No, the Nasirat should not be permitted to bring their own Qur’an or paper with verses printed. All Ijtima Packages have a printable copy of the Tilawat verses for your convenience. However, the Secretary MUST provide and use an unmarked copy from which the Nasirat will recite at the Ijtima.

The sole purpose of this is so that every Nasirah experiences confidence in her recitation! However, it must be noted that this is only at a LOCAL LEVEL. If the Nasirah is reciting the Holy Qur’an only to qualify for her other competitions, then achieving 80% in her marks for Tilawat, is not necessary. The Nasirah will need to achieve 80% or above if Tilawat is her competition.

It is possible some Nasirat may feel uncomfortable about reciting in front of an audience. A Nasirah may only read privately to the Judges if the Tilawat recitation is for qualifying purposes only. Otherwise, all Nasirat have to recite at the podium.

Yes. She should practice the given Tilawat verses to qualify. She can memorize as well. However, She does not need to achieve 80% to qualify for other competitions

Rules & Regulations – require pronouncing the letter from proper articulation point (Qalqala), shortening & lengthening of letters.
Please keep in mind it is NOT a Qirat Competition.

NO, Tilawat-e-Quran should only be recited in its original language, Arabic. Participant will disqualify if Nasirah is reading Arabic in Roman English

Nazm Competition

Memorization is encouraged but not necessary at the Local Level. Marks will not be deducted if the Participant is reciting from a paper. Memorization is MUST at Regional and National Only

Pronunciation marks are a MUST at every level, and marks should be deducted for errors in pronunciation. Please use Urdu as Original Reference.

Practice makes perfect, InshAllah! A pronunciation guideline has been provided to assist those who do not speak Urdu fluently. However, it must be also noted that Nasirat should only use the English transliteration (Roman English) as a guide and the Urdu as the original source. It is highly recommended that an experienced and knowledgeable Nazm reciter be invited to help with pronunciation, etc.

Individual style and personal growth are important! If a Nasirah comes up with a tune of her own, it will , in fact, make it easier for her to memorize it as well as increase her love for the beautiful poetry of our Khulfa and Poets, InshAllah!

Speech Competition

Yes. French Speech participation is definitely at the Local Level.

It still needs to be Judged at Local, even if there is only 1 Participant. Participant MUST achieve 80%.

Please contact the National Nasirat Secretary 1 month in advance for assistance in this matter.

Yes, Nasirat can take part in all three speech competitions (English, Urdu, and French). There are no limits to the number of competitions that a Nasirah can participate in for the Ijtima.

If a reference is provided in another language than its translation must be given (i.e. if during English speech, an Urdu couplet or reference is given, its English translation must be given along with the source of the references.)

Arabic verse is not necessary, however, if a Nasirah chooses to recite the Arabic, correct pronunciation will be counted and any mistake in pronunciation will be deducted. All the references must be cited. (i.e. Chapter 22: verse 2 of the Holy Qur’an). Translation of the verse is necessary in the language of speech.

The time starts after Tashahhud is recited.

Yes, each Nasirah should learn how to recite the Tashahhud and MUST recite it before beginning the speech. A printable copy of the full Tashahhud has been provided in the Ijtima Package for your convenience.

It should be remembered that if a Nasirah is reciting a speech in either English/Urdu/French, she is reciting it so that the Nasirat in her age group will understand and benefit from it, NOT the Judges or the adults in the audience.

It has been noted that some Nasirat are being encouraged to use excessive hand and body movements to emphasize points in their speech. This is not appropriate or modest behavior and must be discouraged. Please remind the Nasirat that the strength and intelligence in their words will inspire confidence and build good character, InshAllah!

Yes, marks will be deducted if Tashahhud is read wrong, even though the timing starts after the Tashahhud.

Participants will have 15 seconds leeway over or under the time limit for their age group.

Presentation Competition

The Presentation Competition due date is at Local Ijtima & 2 weeks before participants who will qualify for regional.

No, the presentation competition must be done individually.

Yes, Nasirah needs to submit the Powerpoint presentation via email at email account one week before the competition day.