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We have compiled a collection of videos on questions that you may have about Home, School, Friends, Social Media, Entertainment, Physical and Mental Health. These questions were asked to Huzoor Anwar (May Allah be his Helper) and you can listen to response and guidance to the questions below. 


How can children assist with parents who are always fighting?
How can children save themselves from a negative reaction when their parents hit them?

Is it appropriate to celebrate birthdays at home?

Is it true that angels don’t come to homes where there are dogs?

How to control anger?

Are we allowed to keep dogs and cats at home?


How should we treat those people that are racist towards us in schools?
Are girls allowed to play games in their school yard without wearing Scarf?
How to avoid all the evils that are commonly found in a school?
Other children bother us at school but we don’t respond to them. However, they still keep bothering us. What should we do?
We are marked absent by school and our grades are affected if we do not attend school trips, what should we do in such situations?


What to do if my friend's parents don't allow friendship with Ahmadi girl?
If one cannot find good company then how can we improve our confidence?

Can we be friends with an atheist?

How to approach an Ahmadi friend who is being involved in sins?

What to do if our friends are involved in bad habits?

Can we be friends with non Muslims and teach them about Islam?

Can we be friends with classmates from different cultures?

How to avoid all? the evils commonly found in schools?

Social Media and Entertainment

Online Gaming and Cell phone Addiction

Appropriate Programs to Watch as Entertainment

Can we play video games which have shooting/violence?

Usage of Facebook and other
Social Media

Physical and Mental Health

How should we deal with symptoms of depression?

How do you handle stress?

How should we treat mental health issues?

Mentally Healthy Children

Nasirat of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow

What is the proper age to wear hijab?

How can Ahmadi girls get close to Khilafat?

How do I gain confidence in my hijab?

Can women become Imam?

How can we strengthen our bond with Allah and maintain steadfastness during stressful times?

Guidance on encouraging children to take part in financial sacrifice.