Etiquette of Meetings:
  • One should greet the Nasirat already present in the meeting place with the salutation of peace at the time of entering and leaving the place.
  • One should sit where one finds place in the meetings, and should not jump over other people’s shoulders to go to the front.
  • One should not indulge in vain or improper talk while sitting in company.
  • One should listen attentively to the speaker in the meeting, silence should be observed during the speech. It is against Islamic tradition to make noise in meetings. When the recitation of the Holy Quran takes place, complete silence should be observed to gain the blessings of God.
  • Remembrance of Allah is obligatory in the meetings; one should also engage himself in asking Allah’s forgiveness and in invoking blessings on the Holy Prophet (sa). The angels of Allah seek such meetings where the remembrance of Allah is practiced.
Etiquette of Life by Amatul Rafiq Zafar, pages 104-121