Jubilee Goals

Sayyedna Huzoor Anwar (May Allah be his Helper) has advised:

The actual thing is this that in these 100 years that no one should point his finger at us and say that 100 years have been completed, Jubilees are being celebrated, but only 75% or 50% of the Lajna are involved in Jama’at work, and the level of faith of the remaining is such that while the Holy Qur’an commands one to observe modest dress, their dress is not modest. 

(March 27, 2021 Amila Meeting with Majlis Amila Lajna Ima’illah Germany)


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Lajna & Nasirat should worship Allah
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Lajna & Nasirat should recite and act on the teachings of the Holy Qur'an
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Lajna & Nasirat should be involved in the Jama'at and act upon its teaching
  • Every single member should have the strongest bond with the Jama’at
  • Every member should dress modestly and observe Pardah as instructed by the Holy Qur’an

Tree planting jubilee goal

Calling all Nasirat! Now is the time to show your green thumb!

One of Nasiratul-Ahmadiyya Canada’s Jubilee Goals is for all of the Nasirat to plant a tree. You can participate in this goal by doing the following. You will need:

  • A tree seed (beech mast, sweet chestnuts, hazelnuts and acorns are usually easy to to find)
  • A plant pot with drainage holes in the base
  • Some small stones
  • Compost
  • Wire Mesh
If you need any further guidance please reach out to your local Sadr Sahiba. 

Lajna and nasirat jubilee goals