special competition

  • Surah Al-Baqarah Verses 1-17
  • Surah Al-Baqarah Verses 1-17 with Translation
  • Translation of First Part of the Holy Qur’an
  • 40 Ahadith
  • 10 Ahadith with Translation (7 years old only) **NEW CATEGORY**
  • 20 Ahadith with Translation
  • 40 Ahadith with Translation
  • 20 Names of Allah
  • 40 Names of Allah
  • 60 Names of Allah
  • 80 Names of Allah
  • 99 Names of Allah
  • 99 Names of Allah with Translation
  • 5 Chapters of the Holy Quran (7 years old Only)
  • 10 Chapters of the Holy Quran (7-9 Years old Only)
  • 15 Chapters of the Holy Quran
  • 20 Chapters of the Holy Quran
  • 25 Chapters of the Holy Quran
  • 30 Chapters of the Holy Quran
  • Qaseedah Verses 1-10 (7 years old only)
  • Qaseedah Verses 1-20
  • Qaseedah Verses 20-40
  • Qaseedah Verses 40-70
  • Full Qaseedah
  • 3 Books of Promised Messiah(as) – write summary
  • 2 Books of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (May Allah be his Helper) – write summary
  • Al-Wasiyyat – write summary (13-15 age group Only)
  • 5 Nazms from Dur-e-Sameen (4 couplets from each Nazm)
  • 5 Nazms from Kalam-e-Mahmood (4 couplets from each Nazm)
  • 5 Nazms from Kalam-e-Tahir (4 couplets from each Nazm)
  • 5 Conditions of Bai’at (7 years old Only)
  • 10 Conditions of Bai’at

Special Competition Resources

Frequently asked questions

Memorization is mandatory in all categories of the Special Competitions except for the category where the Nasirat have to write a summary for the books they have read.

Showing progression and improvement is very important! A Nasirah may not repeat the same Special Competition the next year. For example, if a Nasirah participates in memorizing Verses 1-20 of the Qaseedah, she will not be permitted to repeat that Competition. She can move onto the next category

Certificates are not given for participation in the Special Competition. It is given when the Nasirah has successfully memorized and recited her particular Competition. If a Nasirah does not pass in her choice of Special Competition, she is welcome to try again the following year.

The Local Secretary as well as 2 other knowledgeable Lajna members should arrange to listen to the Special Competition pieces. To encourage the Nasirat to participate in the blessed Competitions every year, it is recommended that the Judges are not too critical. The extra effort to participate in these particular Competitions shows great determination, Mash ‘Allah! Therefore, while accuracy is vital, a few minor mistakes can be overlooked.

Special competition tracking sheet

For Local Nasirat Secretaries, to help track the progress of the Nasirat participating in the Special Competition, please download the tracking sheet: